Yoga Classes near Islip NY

If I come to Yoga Class, Will You Make Me Stand On My Head?

If I come to yoga class, will you make me stand on my head? If you’re interested in increasing your muscle tone, flexibility and mental clarity but fearful of falling and looking stupid, you’ve come to the right place! My office welcomes beginners and experienced yogis alike. Yoga is the Sanskrit word “to unite”, which in the physical postures means linking movement to breath. On a superficial level, yoga allows us to gain strength and ease of movement.

As one practices regularly, the deeper benefits of improved sleep, a sense of calm acceptance and flexibility with all of life’s curveballs become manifest. Yogic philosophy has many parallels with modern physics. Yoga is very egalitarian – participants of all faiths and convictions are invited to practice. In addition to the regularly occurring class on the first Monday of every month, we offer special focus yoga (recent classes have included chair yoga and postures for caregivers and the bereaved) and private training with certified teachers. Come check it out!