Vaccinations are a modern medicine success story.  They have prevented millions of deaths and devastating complications from infectious illnesses, and are just as important for your preventative care as a healthy diet and exercise.  It is a duty and privilege to review the potential benefits and risks of vaccinations with every patient.  Since I do not send claims to insurance companies, I charge the cost price of every vaccine I purchase and administer to you.  There is no financial profit involved, and I do not have any conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies.  In order to make vaccinations less expensive, you may get them from the pharmacy (typically a claim is sent to your insurance in this case, so your out of pocket cost is minimal).  Alternatively, you may use a health spending/flex savings account at my office or submit a claim yourself to insurance for potential reimbursement.

I am sorry to say that I do not have any COVID19 vaccinations available at my office, nor do I know if/when they might arrive.  I engage in regular communication with the NYS Department of Health and have submitted all the paperwork necessary to be a licensed vaccination site.  As soon as a shipment comes through my door, my patients will be the first to know!

I do not espouse “alternate” vaccine schedules.  I do not write exemptions for vaccines for school-age children unless they have a severe allergy to a vaccine certified by an allergist or have an immunocompromising condition that prevents them receiving certain vaccines.