Vaccinations are a modern medicine success story.  They have prevented millions of deaths and devastating complications from infectious illnesses, and are just as important for your preventative care as a healthy diet and exercise.  It is a duty and privilege to review the potential benefits and risks of vaccinations with every patient.  Since I do not send claims to insurance companies, I charge the cost price of every vaccine I purchase and administer to you.  There is no financial profit involved, and I do not have any conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies.  In order to make vaccinations less expensive, you may get them from the pharmacy (typically a claim is sent to your insurance in this case, so your out of pocket cost is minimal).  Alternatively, you may use a health spending/flex savings account at my office or submit a claim yourself to insurance for potential reimbursement.

I do not espouse “alternate” vaccine schedules.  I do not write exemptions for vaccines for school-age children unless they have a severe allergy to a vaccine certified by an allergist or have an immunocompromising condition that prevents them receiving certain vaccines.  I do not write exemptions for COVID19 vaccination for any reason.  If you have had a severe allergic reaction or side effect from a COVID19 vaccination, please contact me to discuss acceptable terms for return to in-person work, school, etc.

Getting vaccinated is the utmost gesture of gratitude you could show me and all my colleagues in the healthcare industry who are working to keep you safe during the pandemic, and the highest respect you could pay to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have suffered and died as a result of COVID19.