Green features

Our health is intimately linked to that of the planet. When we are kind to Mother Earth, She expresses gratitude in beautiful, awe-inspiring manifestations. We are all microcosmic expressions of the Universe. “The environment” is truly no different from “ourselves”. No wonder we feel ill when we pollute our bodies with “food” made in a lab instead of in the Earth, utilize cosmetic and cleaning products with harmful chemicals, and misuse pharmaceuticals for purposes other than which they were intended. While mindful application of Western medicine can certainly enhance our health, optimal wellness is sustained by respecting and utilizing the tools that Mother Earth has already gifted us.

I strive to create for you a clean, healthy environment. Please enjoy the following “green features” of my office:

  • Seventh Generation cleaning and paper products
  • Freshly laundered linens instead of scratchy, disposable paper gowns and drapes
  • Healing spaces for quiet contemplation: meditation room and outdoor planter bench
  • High efficiency LED lighting
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Well-insulated walls to promote privacy and reduce noise pollution
  • Locally sourced and FSC-certified wood products
  • Electronic documentation and communication instead of paper whenever possible