How is payment structured?

There is an annual membership fee to join the practice. This can be paid once per year or in monthly installments.

Are there discounts available?

There is a one month free discount for paying the membership fee annually as opposed to monthly installments.  Children/teenagers ages 5 to 17 years old do not pay a membership fee as long as they have a parent member of the practice.

Are there any charges other than the membership fee?

Nope!  There is no “a la carte” pricing – every procedure with the exception of a vaccine that we deem necessary during your office visit (EKG, joint injection, pap smear, etc) will be administered free of charge. Any vaccines administered will be charged the cost price.  Alternatively, you may choose to have the pharmacy bill your insurance for a vaccine, then either the pharmacist or I will administer it.

Do I have to worry about receiving bills from your office that I don’t understand?

No, thankfully! Since I am not billing your insurance company, you never receive a bill from my office with lengthy explanation of benefits and other obscure jargon. Any patient, regardless of insurance coverage, is welcome to join the practice provided the membership fee is paid.

What if I need bloodwork, a radiology test or a prescription?

I will enter an electronic order at the lab or radiology office and send an e-prescription to your pharmacy. Insurance company coverage for these interventions often changes. I will partner with you to make the most medically appropriate and cost-effective interventions for your health care.

What if I need to see a specialist?

I will make recommendations for you if we determine that specialist involvement in your care is necessary. Please note that some insurance companies require a referral from an in-network primary care physician. If at all possible, please choose a plan that does not have this requirement.

Does my insurance pay for the annual retainer fee?

No. Patients cannot submit a claim to their insurance company for payment of the membership fee. However, Health Spending/Flex Saving Accounts are accepted.  A receipt will be given for submission to your HSA/FSA administrator.