Family Doctor in Islip, NY serving the greater Suffolk County.

Experience The Concierge Doctor Difference.

Imagine the flexibility of being able to make same day appointments online, email your doctor about a health article you just read, or reach her via text and cell phone for medically urgent issues. Your time, individuality and unique needs are respected.

  • 30 minute appointments with just you and the doctor, guaranteed to start on time
  • Same or next business day appointment availability, guaranteed
  • Home visits and Evening/weekend hours
  • Cell phone, email and texting access directly to the doctor
  • Annual physical with wellness planning
  • Enhanced specialist and hospital coordination of care
  • Meditation room with monthly wellness offerings

Call Today: 631-573-6522

(Unlike other doctors offices, she may actually pick up the phone…)

Prospective new patients are invited to call or email the office to schedule a tour and meet Dr. Blyskal in person. Membership can be initiated on a monthly basis. In case you feel this practice doesn’t suit your needs, you may cancel at any time after the first 3 months. Of course, you never know when the ability to call your doctor’s cell phone or text her may become handy! Dr. Blyskal’s patients enjoy the convenience of her practice and the vast majority of them continue their membership indefinitely. There is a discount for purchasing a year in full membership and no membership fee for patients under age 18 (provided a parent is a member of the practice). We invite you to stop by and check out our calm and convenient setting.

Request a tour/appointment here.  The office will contact you to approve your request.

Rich C, Bayport

Its hard to get used to spending so much time just talking to your doctor… I keep waiting for her to rush off to the next patient but it doesn’t happen. Its modern care delivered in an old school way… I like it very much.

Judith B, Sayville

Dr. Blyskal has the bedside manner of an old fashioned doctor I remember from my childhood. She also is an excellent diagnostician who is current in the research of medical practice. Her office promotes peace and safety where I can talk openly.

James P, Islip Terrace

Wonderful new office, warm and comforting staff. Daria Blyskal has created a unique and delightful change to the otherwise rushed and impersonal world of medicine.

Matthew P, Bay Shore

Dr. Blyskal’s space doesn’t feel like your typical doctor’s office! She has a tremendous knowledge base and puts it to good use in an attractive, engaging manner.

Joe C, Patchogue

So impressed by Dr. Blyskal! She is poised, personable and knowledgable. It is so refreshing to receive competent, professional care.