About Dr. Daria Blyskal

Dr.DariaBlyskal (2)I am a US-trained, board-certified family physician practicing in the greater Islip Long Island area. My name may be familiar to many local residents who know my father Dr. Stanley Blyskal, whose 40 years of practicing medicine proudly continues with his daughter.

My practice is grounded in Western medicine so by all means come in for that pesky rash or nagging cough, but I also acknowledge the wisdom that other traditions bring to the treatment of non-critical and chronic illnesses. In particular I practice wellness and preventative care as much as attending to the sick. In my practice you will not only find a medicine for what ails you, but a roadmap to knowledge and activities that help you feel better.

Another Way My Practice is Different – Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is the new buzzword in primary care these days. After many years practicing “treadmill/assembly line” medicine in the current context, here’s why I changed to a concierge model.

Do you hate sitting in a noisy, crowded waiting room an hour past your appointment time only to see a series of staffers and then finally the doctor for 5 or 10 minutes before she moves on to the next patient? Believe it or not most doctors hate this too, but insurance driven medicine is a volume game and which benefits neither patients nor doctors. There are perverse insurance company incentives to see patients as quickly as possible and order many tests, but little interest in maintaining a patient’s wellness and avoiding (or at least minimizing the complications of) chronic disease.

After years of this, I had enough and decided I needed to practice medicine in a way that is more ethical and fulfilling. Practicing “old school” family medicine is a joy. In my concierge practice, the flat monthly rate includes unlimited office visit, text, email and cell phone contact. Your family doctor should be a trusted go-to professional for any non-emergent health problem. You never know when texting her may come in handy!

  1. I’m available to my patients by email, phone and texting 7 days a week for consults and follow up.
  2. I guarantee same or next business day appointment availability, and that your office visit will begin on time. No office visit egg-timer here.
  3. No bills received months after the date of service with unintelligible language.
  4. Save money and time by avoiding unnecessary medications, tests, and ER visits.
  5. I know my patients as unique individuals instead of numbers or insurance policies.

Monthly fees in my program are modest and there is a year-in-full discount.

I encourage you give the practice a try. I am proud of its unique offerings, and of my appointment as the corporate physician with Quantbot Technologies, LP – a financial services company with offices in Manhattan, London and Hong Kong.


Dr. Daria Blyskal


  • East Islip High School Class of 2000
  • BA in Premedical Science from Lehigh University in 2003
  • MD from Drexel University College of Medicine in 2007
  • Family Medicine Residency at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center 2007-2009
  • Chief Family Medicine Resident 2009-2010


I attempt to emulate the healthy lifestyle I recommend for my patients. In addition to eating well and prioritizing time for family, friends and adequate sleep, my energies outside the office are directed at environmental advocacy, vigorous exercise and creative passions. If you don’t find me running, stand-up paddleboarding, practicing yoga or meditation, you’ll likely find me with violin in hand!  Check out my community orchestra at www.soundsymphony.org. I am fluent in Italian and love to travel.