Dr. Daria Blyskal Brings Her Practice To You, With Home Visits.

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Doctor House Calls are Back!

In a medical practice that is truly patient focused, it almost seems silly to force extremely ill or barely mobile patients to drag themselves into a doctor’s office where they can potentially hurt themselves on the journey or make others sick. For these kind of patients, house calls just make sense and it is the kind of service that all doctors provided many years ago.

The practice of Doctor Daria takes the house call a step further by providing it as an option for all members of the practice. Busy executives, first responders, lawyers moms with kids and others who have schedules that are hard to anticipate, find the flexibility of a home or work visit extremely appealing. It is sometimes possible to schedule the doctor for a house call same day, but we generally ask that you give us 24 hours to schedule a house call, unless of course it is an emergency. There is generally a small additional charge for house calls to cover transportation but if you live close to the office this can be waived.