Your comfort and safety are my top priority.

Here are the changes to my practice to decrease infectious risk for both of us:

  • Brief interventions such as a vaccinations or blood pressure checks are done in your car.
  • The reason for every in-person appointment must be declared. If your symptoms are potentially due to COVID19, your exam will take place in your car.
  • Talking and listening make up the bulk of your annual wellness exam. This can be accomplished outside in favorable weather: you sit on the flower planter bench outside and I sit on my stool at least 6ft away.  In inclement weather, we can do this portion of the exam over the phone.
  • You (and a family member if you desire) are the only patient in the office during your time slot.
  • Everyone in the office wears a mask covering his/her nose and mouth at all times. Additionally, I wear a face shield and sanitize my hands frequently.
  • Extra time is allotted between each patient for disinfecting high-touch surfaces.
  • Many evaluations can be done remotely via text, call or email. I will let you know if in-person contact is necessary.